Along with the face, your hands are the most visible part of the body. The skin on the back of the hand is extremely delicate and very thin. Your hands are in constant need of TLC as they are continuously exposed to harsh elements like the sun, cold winds, dry air, water, and soap and because of how much work they do for us. Treat your hands as they deserve to be treated with our range of natural hand creams.


You may not think about your feet that often – way down there at the ends of your legs. They’re shoved into thick socks and boots all winter and barely see the light of day! But your feet are an essential part of almost everything you do. Whether walking, running, exercising, or just standing, you might say your feet are the unsung heroes of your body.

On a daily basis, your feet support a force equal to hundreds of tons. It’s little wonder, then, that most people experience foot problems at some point during their lives. These foot problems can be caused by something as simple as forgetting to wear flip-flops in your gym’s shower one day, or they may be caused by long-term abuse and neglect.

Fortunately, a daily foot skin care regimen can go a long way toward avoiding and alleviating many foot problems.

And the really great thing…? You don’t need to spend loads of time to spend focussed on your feet. Spending 5 minutes caring for your feet everyday, is easier and more effective than an hour-long assault every six months!