Freyaluna all-natural lip balms are solve-all skin salves useful for a multitude of situations from chapped lips and dry skin, to unruly brows!

What more could you ask for from a tiny little tin?!

Bergamot BalmBergamot

£3.50 / 10ml

Bergamot has a soothing and healing effect on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, especially when triggered by stress. The scent of bergamot has an unplifting quality which is useful for stress, depression and anxiety.

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Chamomile BalmChamomile

£3.50 / 10ml

Chamomile can help to soothe burns and blisters, including sunburn. It can improve skin elasticity and strengthen skin tissues. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, chamomile is good for dry and itchy skin, and skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

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Lavender BalmLavender

£3.50 / 10ml

Lavender is valuable for most skin types because it promotes the growth of new skin cells. Lavender has a pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn, and is helpful for skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

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Vanilla ButterVanilla

£3.50 / 10ml

The blend of vanilla extract and benzoin essential oil, in a base of natural oils and butters, is very good for dry and chapped skin, making this lip butter great for soothing lips as well as any dry skin on your face and body.

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Rose Balm


£3.50 / 10ml

Rose has a soothing quality, which makes it useful for all skin types, but especially for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Rose is a thoroughly female fragrance. It’s reputed to induce relaxation, provide a sense of calm, and is said to give a woman positive feelings about herself.

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Peppermint Balm


£3.50 / 10ml

Peppermint can help to soothe and relieve itching, inflammation and sunburn. Peppermint can help to remove toxic congestion in cases of dermatitis, it also softens the skin, and helps to remove blackheads.

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Here are a few tips and tricks that Freyaluna all-natural lip balms can be used for

Lips & Skin

  • cleanse away the day’s impurities
  • massage into nails and cuticles to keep them in top condition
  • a moisture surge for dry skin emergencies
  • great for dry hands and sensitive skin
  • soothe cracked heels to smooth dry and worn skin

Helping Hand for Make-up

  • tame unruly eyebrows, keep them in shape and condition
  • condition lashes by applying with a clean marscara wand
  • prime skin under foundation to even tone and moisture levels
  • under lipstick or alone as a lip conditioner
  • great for dry patches around eyes, nose and lips without disturbing make-up

Excellent Travel Companion

  • off on a plane? Freyaluna natural lip balms are a handy size to carry on board – no more bulky moisturisers in your hand luggage
  • throughout the flight, use on any emerging dry patches
  • smooth on lips and skin to avoid dry skin caused by sun damage

Fragrance & Aromatherapy

  • Freyaluna natural lip balms can be applied to pulse points as a natural fragrance
  • if life is getting you down open a pot of our lip balm and let the natural essential oils soothe and revive you
  • apply it to the back of your hand or wrist, or to a tissue or hanky, and inhale throughout the day for an instant lift