Ban the Blemish facial range

Ban the Blemish Facial Skincare Range

A blend of burdock, calendula and peppermint is cleansing and anti-septic, making it a valuable blend for those with blemishes and acne. The refreshing qualities help to clear congested skin. 

TRY ME Selection Box

TRY ME! Selection Box

Ever wished you could try-out a skincare product before committing to buying the full-size version, so that you know whether it will be right for your skin? Our TRY ME Selection Box allows you to do just that!

Honey Hand Cream

Honey Hand Cream

Honey Hand Cream harnesses all of the skincare benefits of honey, and will heal and hydrate your hands and arms, restoring dry or aging skin, as well as soothing irritated or inflamed skin. This formula is also wonderful to smooth on nicks, bruises and minor burns to encourage healing.

Sleep Easy bath & body oil

Sleep Easy Bath & Body Oil

A blend of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood, all well-known for their relaxing, sedative properties. Massaged into tired shoulders, this oil will help to melt away the tensions of the day, and help you get a good night’s sleep.



…that is the very question we have been contemplating since the very birth of Freyaluna. I think we’re all aware by now that there are some real nasties to be found in commercial skincare products.

3 steps to luscious locksTo get really honest with you, my hair and I have a challenging relationship which is based on the idea that if neither of us does anything to upset the other then we’ll get through the day just fine.
Should "alternative" become mainstream?

The UK is a nation of pill-poppers. One billion prescriptions were written in 2012. That’s 2.7 million prescriptions every day. That’s a 62% rise in the last decade. That’s a lot of prescriptions.

Are you SAD?Winter blues are understandable. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to hide under the duvet on these cold winter mornings. I often think humans should take a note from animals and hibernate until warmer weather returns.
learn to love yourself We not only mean to love yourself by using natural products and not adding unnecessary chemicals to your skin, but we also mean to love yourself as you are, naturally, in the here and now. Time for a personal story…


Ready to go NO-POO? A look at commercial shampoos and a cheap and easy natural alternative.

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